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November 10

Kenneth Katzner’s English-Russian Dictionary (More Notes of the Film Gravity)

(Spoiler alert: if you haven’t seen Gravity, but have plans to, stop here. If you haven’t read my first set of notes on the film, they are here.) Visiting with my son and my brother’s family last night in New Jersey, I saw Gravity for a second time. When I came out the first time, […]

October 05

7 Provocative Comments About the Film Gravity

I am one of those people that gets really enthusiastic about the things he instinctively loves, throws out wild, barely-considered assertions, and then aggressively and vehemently defends them. Here goes: 1. Terrence Malick needs to see Gravity so that he can learn how to incorporate beautiful images into an actual story. Call it poetry class. James […]