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The Birds – Kelly Castro

the birds – Kelly Castro (September 2, 2010, Los Aptos, California) An article on this exceptional photographer’s work can be found on the Adobe Photoshop site here. Castro’s Flickr site is here. An appealing resemblance to a photo I posted in the fall here (but I’ll take Kelly’s.)


Chicago Skyline – neverphoto.com

For a full gallery click here

On Any Given Day in Spring – Robert Adams

On Any Given Day in Spring (XIII) 2009 Gelatin-silver print Image: 5 5/8 x 8 5/8 inches; 14 x 22 cm Sheet: 11 x 14 inches; 28 x 36 cm Note the twist on the title of the photograph in the artist’s statement. (Statement taken from the Matthew Marks Gallery exhibition notes where this series […]

There is a Light that Never Goes Out

There is a Light that Never Goes Out. This is a generous and touching tribute to the final days of an ex-husband and parent of one’s children. Many will recognize the generosity of this writer’s ex-husband’s final hours and the dynamics of the bedside good-bye. Anger and forgiveness become almost inconsequential in the face of human […]

Fugue by Roberta Flack – A Musical Experiment

I’ve been listening to a lot of Bach this week. The same piece of Bach over and over, specifically Joao Carlos Martins performing BWV 1058, the second movement, the Andante. Martins practically bangs on the simple bass line. He plays with an insistence that feels like it should be against all the laws of classical […]

My Daughter

Daughter – Loudon Wainwright III Everything she sees she says she wants. Everything she wants I see she gets. That’s my daughter in the water everything she owns I bought her Everything she owns. That’s my daughter in the water, everything she knows I taught her. Everything she knows. Everything I say she takes to heart. […]

My Son

“When a father gives to his son, both laugh; when a son gives to his father, both cry.” William Shakespeare

Marsha Norman

“Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you.”

Julian Rosefeldt, Making of (The Ship of Fools)

FauxtoShop – Harding Meyer

Stunning images from Brazilian born Harding Meyer.

Wish I’d Thought of It Dept. – Audience, 2008

Audience, 2008. A clever installation that works as well in the imagination as in the museum space. Probably better. Once visitors enter the perimeter of ‘Audience’, the mass of mirrors select an individual they find interesting and turn to face them in an inquisitive, synchronised movement. The chosen member of the audience sees their reflection in every mirror; the subject […]


Design site Enpundit.com features some stunning, and a tiny bit disturbing, “tilt-shift” photographs of real-life scenes: train stations, construction sites, football stadiums, oil tankers that create the illusion of a model train set. In the images people look like toy figurines, water looks formed from molded plastic, super-saturated colors recall painted children’s toys. If modern day […]

Light Painting with Sparklers

This image has not been Photoshoped. Before you read how it was done on his site, see if you can figure it out. Very, very clever. The photographer, Patrick Latter, has a number of highly-inventive stunning pictures taken at high-speed.