May 11

The Well-Tempered Songbook: #45 Pink Moon, Nick Drake

¬† * There were probably ten of us, split up between two cars. We were on spring break, headed from the Upper West Side to Sarasota, Florida. The late model station wagon I was in had bags roped to the roof and about six of us inside. This was long before seat belts so we […]

September 19

Read Me, Daniel

From the moment I finished Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs I’ve wanted my son, Daniel, to read it. For one thing my son is a gifted engineer in the making. He has fashioned a whole manner of weird and wonderful things: weed whacker engines turned into RC plane motors, a firefighting robot that he […]

“Proserpina” / Martha Wainwright

* Proserpina, Proserpina, come home to momma, come home to momma Proserpina, Proserpina, come home to mother, come home to momma now I shall punish the Earth, I shall turn down the heat I shall take away every morsel to eat I shall turn every field into stone Where I walk crying alone Crying for¬†Proserpina, […]