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May 01

The Book: Walking Backwards

To get to the heart of any spiritual journey, one must understand what is at stake for the story’s hero and what is to be surrendered. All true spiritual journeys are tales of loss, and this pilgrimage is no exception. * I’m currently working with Jill Marr of the Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency on the marketing […]

March 16

Robert Frost

Because if we have a God at all then I’m quite certain He is a subtle, almost poetic God, a cool, Vermont, Robert Frost of a God, looking up from His desk and watching the wind and snow through His hoary farmhouse window. I see Him sipping His tea carefully and then setting it down […]

January 23

The Desert Angel

I’m only a few late-night conversations from realizing everything I tell you is rubbish. I’m a year out from wishing I hadn’t written anything down. I’m up to wondering if I’m not a blind man who saw, but a blind man who had a dream of seeing.

December 15

Plane Crash

I still remember that the captain communicated with the passengers fairly directly about their situation, and everybody in the plane knew that they were about to die, or probably about to die, but even so there were things to do. Everyone was still going to do this thing and that thing in a certain order. […]

November 17

The Zen Payoff

They should learn of my passing from the sandbox gardener. Don’t even let the gardener look up. He should just tell the visitors over his shoulder and keep raking.

November 11


We were born a day apart, on November 15th and November 16th, and if you’ve studied astrology for even half an hour you know that Scorpios barely stand a chance with any of the other signs let alone with each other.

October 23

On the Camino

I don’t think Anyone’s out there listening to my nano-problems, certainly not my boot problems or my I’m writing a book problems or my I’m failing a week into the pilgrimage and boo-hoo, it will be an artistic and personal disaster. Oh, tears in heaven! It’s absurd on the face of it. What God would […]

October 21

Beautiful Girls

I remember wondering how anyone so young and pretty could ever end up looking old, like women that were actually old or even like my mother who was just a little bit old. I just couldn’t see the facial life trajectory to get from here to there. That a twenty year old girl could ever […]

October 10

The True Pilgrim

They think they understand what it is to be a true pilgrim but they don’t, because they didn’t do it right, they took the easy way, they slept in hotels with wash machines and fluffy down pillows, these people, the touristas, let some hired rental company that advertises on Google AdWords carry their backpacks from town to town […]

September 27

Planet Nobody

Because there are no people, no cars, no bikes, no nothing out here. I am alone. I could take a nap in the road. I could spread my legs as far apart left and right that they could go, like floppy, spread-legged Raggedy Ann or make a dusty snow angel in the boiling hot middle […]