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October 20

My daughter Alannah started a blog recently called “miss tweenster.” She’s created a daily theme – Funday Monday, Whatever Wednesday, Saturday Shopping – for girls her age. (She’s 11) I liked today’s post on favorite songs – as much for the shout-out to Dad buried in there (see if you can find it) as to […]

October 04

How to Win a Civil War: Advice for the President of the United States of America

When my son turned three it was like a wild west rodeo buzzer went off. One minute I was staining the front deck and my child was kind and lovely and full of blond curls and questions like “what’s daddy’s doing?” and overnight I was the father of the angriest child in the world. It was […]

September 21

Why the Airlines Are Not in Trouble

Thanks to everyone for your help on the exit row dilemma, especially the comment this morning that said I’d only be “panicky” and “I’m unlikely to be of much use” from this fellow who has looked in depth at the challenge of sharing middle seat armrests on international flights. Best advice was to “get out of Dodge” and “I’ll […]

September 18

Exit Row Passenger Protocol

  Everybody knows that if you sit in the emergency exit row you have to agree to the job of clearing the door out, and you need to be a certain age and understand instructions, and if you’re unhappy for any reason they will relocate you. But at dinner tonight the question came up about […]