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2015 Maine Literary Awards May 13

2015 Maine Literary Awards Finalist – The Westgate House

A surprise piece of news this morning: I received notice I’d been selected as a finalist in the 2015 Maine Literary Awards Nonfiction Short Works category. The excerpts below – that made up the submission – are part of a larger piece called The Christmas Letters. Some of you are familiar with another excerpt from […]

December 24

The Christmas Letters

I look up from the black and white laptop screen and the whole world is in color just like in the Wizard of Oz. It’s 10:30 at night and I’ll be writing for hours, but I don’t care because I’m ready now. Daddy’s home for Christmas.

December 13

Dr. Brad

For several years an old friend has posted Facebook aphorisms with the key words adorned in title case. Gratitude. Love. Look. Soulmate. Partner. Equinox. “I don’t believe I’m the “Healer”, but I DO believe I’m hear as Your Facilitator in Your Healing process.Dr.Brad” They were often punctuated incorrectly, spaces missed on the keys, double-entry on DrDr. They were […]

September 02

Top 10 Reasons To Use 1942 Farkas Vintage Eye Black Grease (Amazon Product Review)

Amazon Product Review: “1942 Farkas Vintage Eye Black Grease“ In no way do I intend any SO-CALLED DISRESPECT, but the previous reviewer has never played football BY HER OWN ADMISSION and has no idea what she is talking about. Basically I COULD wash this product out from my jersey and it did not take FIVE […]

January 31

The Well-Tempered Songbook: #48 –You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go, Bob Dylan

It was (I thought at the time) a song of love in the summer, when future loss can barely be imagined except as a sparkling plaything for the happiness of now: goodbye as imagined in a world of dragon clouds and lazy rivers and French poetry by the riverside.

October 06

Chevy Vega vs. MGB

To be fair to Mom, there was a deep mantra at work in the family’s automotive life. The steady Tibetan drone of “cars are not toys, cars are not toys, cars are not toys” – helped remind me that cars are the neuron-thin floss that keep us tethered to the Spaceship Life and protect us […]

September 23

Twelve Foot Hawaiian Wave

There are plenty of artists in my mother’s collection to whom I’m indifferent. I certainly didn’t like all her friends. I flick, flick, flick past Leadbelly and Bessie Smith and Joan Sutherland and Bennie Goodman and gloomy Wagner. I’m flat on Bel Canto, 45’s that need swirly plastic inserts, anything in mono even if it […]

September 23

True Love

Then, foolishly, I waited and hoped, but Olivia Newton-John, the Australian goddess of song, did not write me back. Not even a mass-produced, machine autographed headshot. Nothing. The brutal, unrequited void. * When I was seven years old things got so musically out of hand I was forbidden to play the Carpenters when other family […]