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Camino de Santiago Photo of the Week – January 20, 2013

These candies were left for pilgrims in a picnic area in France just outside of Moissac. Camino-(in)spirations, a site that recounts an Australian woman’s 2008 80 day Camino has a collection of great photos and reflections on her experience. Seeing them brought a smile to my face. “It was a simple life in which I noticed […]

Camino de Santiago Photo of the Week – January 13, 2013

This shot of two horses in the Pyrenees is featured in the collection of Estaban Garcia Alonso, one of my favorite collections of pilgrimage-related photography I’ve found to date. * <– Previous Photo of the Week Camino de Santiago Photo of the Week Archive * If you’ve enjoyed this post, please consider sharing on Facebook […]

January 07

Camino Photo of the Week Archive – 2013

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Camino de Santiago Photo of the Week – January 6, 2013

Something a little different this week. My daughter, Alannah, 10, was nominated the guest photo editor for the Camino de Santiago Photo of the Week. She spent several hours surfing the web and finally found this spectacular shot. The image was taken by  Mark Teiwes, an editorial photographer living in Santiago, Chile. His website here […]

Camino de Santiago Photo of the Week – December 30, 2012

This is only funny if you don’t have to carry it. A very full pack from, a pack that also happens to looks a heck of a lot like my own pre-Camino pack. Read this pilgrim’s full pack list here. Note the “Tea Tree Oil (a must), Vegan Carb gels X6, evening primrose capsules, […]

Camino de Santiago Photo of the Week – December 23, 2012

The photo above is from the blog of a self-described “corporate American runaway.” Sherry Otts writes of this rainy day on the Camino: I am so happy to not be walking today. This body has made it 90 miles in 6 days through rain, wind, mud, hail, and heat – I deserve a break. My […]

Camino de Santiago Photo of the Week – December 16, 2012

There are a lot of people with Camino tattoos of scallop shells and road markers and the cruz espada, but Moritz Platt took a photo of a pilgrim’s arm that deserves special attention. When I walked the Camino I tore out the pages of my guidebook every day as I moved along on the journey […]

Camino de Santiago Photo of the Week – December 9, 2012

This is a picture of the book that started it all. One of the manuscripts above – perhaps the big red one – has been bringing visitors to Santiago de Compostela for a millennium. One of the most important cultural treasures in the last thousand years, this document has brought millions of people – and dollars […]

December 10

The Codex Calixtinus – Part II – Dan Brown

When it couldn’t get any worse for the dean, newspapers begin reporting that the Codex Calixtinus wasn’t even insured.

December 06

The Codex Calixtinus – Part I – Dan Brown

It was like someone had stolen the Bayeux tapestry. One medieval documents expert placed the auction value of the artifact in the range of $125 million dollars.

Camino de Santiago Photo of the Week – December 2, 2012

I had walked a thousand miles. I had been bitten by bedbugs, fought off dogs with a stick, nursed blisters, eaten wet sandwiches in the rain, and stepped into cathedrals that moved me to tears for reasons I don’t fully understand.

Camino de Santiago Photo of the Week – November 25, 2012

This week’s photo from Sherry Ott reminds us that the Camino is mostly – but not exclusively – a beautiful walk. She has collected a number of images of the uglier, seedier side of the walk, including the monstrosity above. But this is pretty ugly. And, for that matter, so is this. And I’m thinking […]

Camino de Santiago Photo of the Week – November 18, 2012

You won’t find a whole lot of pictures of the Camino featuring snow, but Damian Corrigan – who kept an engaging diary of his Camino experience – shared this particular shot on his picture blog of his Camino.

November 17

The Zen Payoff

They should learn of my passing from the sandbox gardener. Don’t even let the gardener look up. He should just tell the visitors over his shoulder and keep raking.

Camino de Santiago Photo of the Week – November 11, 2012

This week’s photo was taken from a sign on the wall of the pilgrim’s office in Santiago de Compostela. The text is a perfect fit for the woman who took it, an American spending a year backpacking the world alone and blogging about it, including stops in India, Thailand, Ireland, Turkey, and, of course, Spain. […]