About Me

Adam Nathan has walked a thousand miles. He’s been kidnapped. He has outrun a blizzard with a Nepalese Sherpa at 14,000 feet. He has bowled a perfect game and won a bet with Andy Warhol. He has ridden a skateboard on his hands. He has starred in a film. He has acted with Steve Buscemi and high-fived Michael Jackson from five different camera angles. He’s been directed by Martin Scorsese. On his 25th birthday he had an evening that he’ll remember till he’s a 100.

Adam has delivered newspapers at the crack of dawn, bagged groceries, sold seeds, been a radio commentator, and played in a wedding band. He has written software that has transferred your personal banking and government records at some point in the last 24 hours. He has been threatened by the Writers Guild, made a $400 an hour Harvard Law School attorney cry tears of apology and void all fees and charges. He’s baked a Boston Cream Pie, rolled Mushu Pork pancakes from flour and saliva, danced in a pink tutu, and stomped barefoot on grapes in Italy.*

He has watched a raindrop roll across his mind at a Zen retreat. He has read Tolstoy in Russian and Proust in French. He has served a beautiful English girl in a Beverly Hills restaurant and then watched that girl walk down the aisle of a 1000 year old church to become his wife. And for over a decade, while she has graciously done all the Christmas Eve present wrapping, he has written love letters to their children that they will open for years after his death. He lives with that beautiful English girl and those beautiful American children in Brooklyn.

* This is not true. He never actually did that, but when he came home from a year abroad and told his 3rd grade class he had, Mrs. Dena Dodson, may she rest in peace, cottoned on. She made him stand up and act out the story for the rest of the year whenever things got slow. He’s much more careful about embellishing now.


Twitter: @adambnathan