Tattoo You (A Men’s Night Out)



I’m part of a group of guys that goes out monthly in my neighborhood to, well, drink I suppose, mostly. But we manage to sneak some other activities in there as well. Anyway, it was my turn to host, which really means decide where we’re going to drink, and I decided to put a spin on it. “Memorable” was my theme for the evening because usually I can’t remember anything afterwards.

Here’s the text of the invite. Right now we have two “As” that will attend, and a handful of “As” that “would attend if they weren’t traveling, on the road, whatever, child’s birthday, whatever.”

Would you be an A or a B?


Fellow Men of My Neighborhood,

Here are Two Possible Plans for our next Meeting. Please Pick “A – Tattoo You” or “B – Silver Balls” by end of day 10/3/2014. Later votes will not be counted.

A: “Tattoo You” (Minimum 8 People)

  1. We meet at Maekawa Bar at 7:30.
  2. We each bring an image that is at least 3″ X 3″ that has enough personal meaning to us for one reason or another that we are willing to embed that image onto our body.
  3. We bring a story that is worth everybody else’s time on why that image is worth embedding on our body.
  4. We order a shitload of food and drink and really go to town enjoying this meal. We spend liberally. (hang on)
  5. At the end of the meal, each of us places our name on the back of a business card. We describe our tattoo on the card lest we forget what we promised to embed.
  6. We put the business cards into a sack and draw one out.
  7. The “winner,” if you can call him that, has two options:
    • Pay for this first meal in its entirety for everybody with a 25% gratuity and be done with it forever
    • Tattoo that image on his body in the next 30 days or pay for all subsequent bakermen evenings out until remedied with a tattoo
  8. You don’t show up at the evening unless you’re ready to play.
  9. If you do not bring an image or concept clearly drawn, one will be provided for you.
  10. You will remember this evening forever.

B: “Silver Balls” (Minimum Doesn’t Even Apply Here)

  1. We meet at Bush Garden in the international district for a round (or two) of drinks. The address is 614 Maynard Avenue S., Seattle, WA 98104
  2. We head over to the Seattle Pinball Museum for unlimited pinball play for an hour or so. The address is 508 Maynard Ave. S. Seattle, WA 98104
  3. We head to Maekawa Bar. The address is 601 S.King Street, 2nd FLR Seattle, WA 98104
  4. We eat dinner, drink and talk about what pussies we were for not doing the tattoo thing.
  5. You will remember this evening forever, too, for completely different reasons.

Winning category in responses over the next week determines the evening. If A wins and there’s not 8 people, we default to Silver Balls.