September 18


Exit Row Passenger Protocol

Emergency Exit Row Protocol

Emergency Exit Row Protocol


Everybody knows that if you sit in the emergency exit row you have to agree to the job of clearing the door out, and you need to be a certain age and understand instructions, and if you’re unhappy for any reason they will relocate you. But at dinner tonight the question came up about what is expected of you AFTER you have removed the exit door.

Let me involve you in a family argument. My wife felt that you were supposed to be the first out the emergency door. She falls solidly into the “I opened the door what more do you want from me” school of thought. On the other hand I have always thought that your job had just begun. I thought you were a kind of door deputy helper and you were supposed to stand on the wing or something and help the other passengers through the door, down the ramp, and safely out. It seemed to me that until the crew members formally dismissed you, you were an honorary crew member, admittedly a very low ranking one.

So what is it? Are you supposed to help or are you the first out?