Camino de Santiago Photo of the Week – July 28, 2013

Train Crash

Train Crash on the eve of St. James Feast Day


This is a week when the city of Santiago de Compostela is in the news for the most tragic reasons. There have been powerful pictures from a number of news services, but this one caught my eye because of a detail pilgrims will recognize. The cement wall in the background is adorned with the symbol of the city and the way marker for pilgrims. The symbol of the scallop shell leads the faithful to the burial site of St. James (Santiago in Spanish), the patron saint of pilgrims and travelers, which, at the end of the day, includes all of us. The dimensions of this catastrophe, coming on the eve, of his feast day can’t be underestimated; this event will reverberate into the future and change the walk. How it changes it is up to those of us who love it.

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