Camino de Santiago Photo of the Week – July 21, 2013

Unicycle Camino - Dani Buron

Unicycle Camino – Dani Buron


A new follower on twitter this week (Kei Tachibana @Rikka1535135) had a fascinating scroll of images from two separate pilgrimages. The first of her recent pilgrimage to Santiago, the second of a Japanese Buddhist pilgrimage she is currently undertaking. But what jumped out among a number of terrific images was a picture of a unicyclist making his way down a Camino road. This sent me on a search to see if I could find this guy, and although I couldn’t, I did find somebody else who made a 35 stage unicycle journey in 2011. His name is Dani Buron. He built an extensive website that documents his journey here. The journey was undertaken for two charities: Doctors without Border, and Clowns without Borders. (Who knew?) The site is available in English and Spanish. Dani also has a full collection of pictures from his journey on Picasa.

Part of the charm of the pictures is seeing his unicycle posed in various famous locales along the route. The bike becomes kind of its own character in these pictures. This week’s photo above, is an image I particularly liked, Dani’s unicycle posing somewhere out on the hot meseta. And here’s a picture of Dani himself, looking the dashing knight errant here. You ride all that way on one wheel, somebody else really needs to stop and take a picture of you.

Dani Buron - Knight Errant

Dani Buron – Knight Errant

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