Mad Men Predictions through New Year’s 1970

Melanie and I spent date night on Saturday having sushi and plotting out the major developments of Mad Men between now and the end of the show – which we believe runs through next season. We were watching “Sunday’s” episode last night and she scolded me for not posting them earlier because – we believe – that several of our predictions are already in flight, particularly those related to parenting. We’d love to hear just how incredibly wrong we are or hear new, better predictions.

In no particular order.

  1. The season ends on New Year’s 1970.
  2. Draper loses or quits his job.
  3. Megan dies after giving birth to a daughter.
  4. Don must raise the daughter alone. His passage to maturity and redemption is through losing everything but a child(ren) he must raise alone.
  5. Betty is killed by or as a result of the actions of her daughter.
  6. Pete Campbell dies tragically. He is one of the three major deaths in the next two seasons. We see no redemptive possibility for Pete. Sorry, buddy.
  7. Pete’s death has a significant plot impact on Peggy.
  8. Peggy reconnects to her child.
  9. Joan and Roger are our one happy romantic note. In some form they unite.
  10. Bertram most emphatically does NOT die.
  11. Don’s secretary gets involved with Harry Crane. (So fuck off, Pete, and shake hands when you’re told.)
  12. Peggy saves Don but it may not be through a work-related action. The symmetry of their missing parenting gene is emphasized, as is her longstanding debt.
  13. When Woodstock shows up it is through the character of the first daughter and an older male.
  14. Harry Crane gets his partnership.
  15. The company disintegrates.
  16. One of the deaths above takes place during the landing on the moon.