Camino de Santiago Photo of the Week – February 17, 2013

Things that won't happen to you on the Camino

Exactly how I remember it.

Just when you think you’ve seen and read everything about the Camino department.

Erotic romance and adventure author Simone Sinna has published this lusty potboiler available on Exposé takes place on the Camino de Santiago:

“The second of three novels in the Stephanie Beauman series takes the investigative journalist from New York, where she is recovering from the end of her affair with Gabriel, to France and Spain. Producer Jeffrey Carroway is making a film on the Camino de Santiago — the famous pilgrim’s walk — and Stephanie has a tip-off that he is planning to buy himself an Academy Award. Stephanie joins the film crew and finds more than she bargained for when things start going wrong on the set.”

Simone’s website is here and you’ll find some engaging blog posts about Sinna’s own Camino walk as well. The pictures from Sinna’s pilgrimage – which is actually going on right now — are decidedly more down to earth (and familiar) than the cover of her erotic thriller. Oh, well.

If you have read Exposé and have impressions to share, please do. it would be great to hear more about the book and, honestly, this was one of the funnest photos of the week I’ve come across in a while now. 🙂

Lunch on the trail

The author has lunch on the Camino. Ho hum.


February 10, 2013’s Photo of the Week

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