Camino de Santiago Photo of the Week – December 30, 2012

A full pack -

A full pack –

This is only funny if you don’t have to carry it.

A very full pack from, a pack that also happens to looks a heck of a lot like my own pre-Camino pack. Read this pilgrim’s full pack list here. Note the “Tea Tree Oil (a must), Vegan Carb gels X6, evening primrose capsules, and Avon So Soft spray (mixed with citronella makes a good mossie-repellent)” among many other items. The good news for every pilgrim are the helpful post offices along the way that allow hikers to send home unused items in bulk.

Pack list epilogue: the following blog entry comes in a few weeks later:

First of all I worked as a team with Wayne & Karena to get to a local post office for 9am and post some of our unwanted or heavier items on to Santiago. I posted my sleeping bag (the silk liner suffices most nights & blankets are provided), binoculars and waterproof trousers (poncho will suffice if we get rain again… bare legs dry quick!). Believe me, every ounce of weight counts when you have carried it as far as I have.

An important note on the blogger’s camino: the walk was in support of Galgos de Sol, a dog rescue located in Murcia, Spain. From their website:

GdS rescues abandoned and injured galgos (Spanish hunting greyhounds), rehabilitates them and finds them forever homes in the UK & other parts of Europe.  Thousands of galgos are abandoned or killed annually at the end of each short hunting season and as they are not always viewed as potential pets in Spain, they usually end up in perreras (pounds), where their lives are ended, often not in ways we would consider humane.  Galgos del Sol is entirely dependent on fundraising for its survival and is run by several dedicated women who rescue them and then find them homes across europe and America.


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