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Daily Clothes - Alexandra K. Trenfor

Daily Clothes – Alexandra K. Trenfor

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About a month ago I saw a post on a friend’s blog with a quote by Alexandra K. Trenfor:

The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.

I liked it, so I posted it as a quote. There were some clicks on it and then, a few days in, the post fell into blog hibernation.

But then about two weeks later the strangest thing started to happen. I started to notice it showing up on web searches keywords for my site. All different search engines were suddenly routing keywords “Alexandra K. Trenfor” traffic to my site. For whatever reason, if you wanted information about Alexandra K. Trenfor, then here you came.

As it happens, I didn’t have a clue who Alexandra K. Trenfor is, but I began to be curious. I thought maybe it was even Alexandra K. Trenfor who was searching for herself. I have chased Adam Nathan around the web a bit, so it seemed plausible. And then the hits started really coming (let’s just say relative to my other wildly under-appreciated posts). So I decided to figure out who the woman was or is.

The problem is that her quote has obscured her identity online. There are pages of Google hits on this quote, but nothing about HER. Who is Alexandra K. Trenfor? There’s a kind of who is John Galt mystery to her now. Does she even exist? Did her name appear in the universe simply to underline the point of her quotation?

Does anybody know? Alexandra K. Trenfor are you out there? Does anybody know her? Any leads? Have you met her? Seen her once on a subway platform? Heard her speak at Barnard College? And more importantly: will this post move from seventh position in the search list for “Alexandra K. Trenfor” to, say, number one with a bullet? Can become the world’s number one reference point for all things Alexandra K. Trenfor? Did I mention this post is about Alexandra K. Trenfor?

Can somebody show me where to look? Tell me what to see?


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