Camino de Santiago Photo of the Week – October 21, 2012

Morning Fog at Cruz de Fero

A personal note on this week’s Photo of the Week.

I walked the Camino packed as lightly as possible: I didn’t carry a journal, books to read, an iPod, or a camera. And with the exception of one morning – the morning shown in the photograph above – I never regretted that decision. I arrived at the Cruz de Fero at seven or eight in the morning. It was shrouded in dense fog and photographers were clustered around its top taking pictures of their fellow travelers in front of the giant cross that stands atop. In keeping with the tradition, I deposited the stone I’d carried from my home and after a few minutes I began to make my way towards the next town.

But about fifty yards away I turned around for a last look and I saw the sun coming through the fog – exactly as shown in this photo. The photographers clustered at the top were all too close to the subject and nobody could see what an amazing angle there was if you just moved past it a stone’s throw. For that single moment I second-guessed not carrying a camera.

Several days later, I met up with Martin Laskowski and his father, a pair of Polish pilgrims who had become good friends earlier in the pilgrimage. We were having dinner and I mentioned the early morning fog at the Cruz de Fero and the way the pole and the cross and the hill looked in silhouette. Martin reached into his bag, grabbed his camera, and showed me the photograph above – he had taken it within minutes of my being there.


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