Camino de Santiago Photo of the Week – October 13, 2013

Pilgrim with donkey - Carlos Bortoni

Pilgrim with donkey – Carlos Bortoni

After discovering the film The Way browsing through Netflix recommendations, photographer Carlos Bortoni decided to walk it himself. As he describes on his website:

I was instantly attracted to the great scenery, and the breath-taking landscapes shown in the film, so a year later there I was taking three planes, two trains, one bus, and one taxi to get from my hometown over to St Jean Pied de Port, France to begin my journey.

The pilgrimage for Bortoni was a pilgrimage to Santiago, but in some ways was also a pilgrimage into black and white photography and creating a body of work outside of his typical work in color. The post that accompanies his collection of images delves into the technical details of that journey, but this quote jumped out with the hint – tint? – of the metaphysical:

Photography goes from complete black, to complete white, and everything that happens in between is an image.

My favorite part of this picture is almost too easy to miss, btw. Notice the hand of the man affectionately placed on the side of the donkey. This is a charmed moment. You can follow Carlos on twitter at @cabo_cabito.

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