2015 Maine Literary Awards May 13

2015 Maine Literary Awards Finalist – The Westgate House

A surprise piece of news this morning: I received notice I’d been selected as a finalist in the 2015 Maine Literary Awards Nonfiction Short Works category. The excerpts below – that made up the submission – are part of a larger piece called The Christmas Letters. Some of you are familiar with another excerpt from […]

Pink Moon, Volkswagen Ad May 11

The Well-Tempered Songbook: #45 Pink Moon, Nick Drake

  * There were probably ten of us, split up between two cars. We were on spring break, headed from the Upper West Side to Sarasota, Florida. The late model station wagon I was in had bags roped to the roof and about six of us inside. This was long before seat belts so we […]

Disco Dancers September 30

The Nathan Brothers: Pas de Deux

Adam: In a single word please describe the experience of others watching you dance. Entries longer than a single word will not be given consideration. Chris: Amusement. Adam: Yeah, that works for me, too. I think if I’m on the outer edge of a dance floor and somebody who knows me that isn’t dancing is watching they might be […]

220px-TattooYou81 September 26

Tattoo You (A Men’s Night Out)

* I’m part of a group of guys that goes out monthly in my neighborhood to, well, drink I suppose, mostly. But we manage to sneak some other activities in there as well. Anyway, it was my turn to host, which really means decide where we’re going to drink, and I decided to put a […]

Gorilla Etiquette September 14

The Nathan Brothers: Urinal Etiquette & Anthropology

Adam: I’m not sure if it is technically an “aside” if I start with it, but here goes: I was at the Tableau Conference in Seattle this week. There were 5000+ attendees and probably 500+ Tableau employees and at least a 100+ speakers. The place was packed. Twice a day there was a major keynote where […]

Barry Nathan, Gail Westgate, Chris Nathan, Adam Nathan September 01

The Nathan Brothers

Adam: I want to run an idea by you. Let me know when you have a minute. (No hurry.) Chris: Hi Adam.  Here I am.  On the same page, so to speak.  It’s an odd sensation.  Very… public.  I feel self-conscious, as if you had just invited me up on to a stage where you’ve been […]

The return leg from the STP Seattle-to-Portland bike ride. Right before my pedal came off. July 20

Notes from the STPTS (Seattle-Portland-Seattle Bike Ride)

My son and I biked the “STP” Seattle-to-Portland ride last weekend and then returned home via the same route. A few minor notes and observations from the five day, 415 mile ride: ‘Somebody Might Have Mentioned That’ Dept. It turns out ten thousand rider Seattle-to-Portland bicycle “event” isn’t actually a race. You aren’t competing. There’s no prize […]

21st March 1994: Kate Capshaw, Elton John, and Bruce Springsteen, Patti Scialfa, Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson and Steven Spielberg at the Elton John AIDS Foundation Party, following the 66th Annual Academy Awards in Los Angeles. (Photo by Kevin Mazur Archive 1/WireImage) March 04

Elton John’s Maple Drive Oscar Party

Last night watching the post Oscar telecast, I caught an interview with Elton John about what have now become legendary Oscar parties for his AIDS foundation. He mentioned the place where he first held it, some twenty years ago, at a restaurant in Beverly Hills called Maple Drive. The following excerpt, long buried on my […]

Walking the Camino: Six Ways to Santiago January 27

“Walking the Camino: Six Ways to Santiago”

Seattle Friends, If you are even a little curious about the Camino de Santiago and would like to understand more about the experience of walking it, this documentary is a great place to start and it is going to be in Seattle soon. Starting on Friday, February 7th at the SIFF Uptown Cinema, there will […]

CHARLES January 15

9 Reasons Steve Jobs Will Come Back From the Dead to Fire Somebody at TBWA\Media Arts Lab

1. The False Note It’s going to be six months before I can read a poem after this mess. Just in case the clap of thunder and the swirling, Terrence Malick storm clouds didn’t clue you in, the long, single stroke of cello should have. I was in the middle of the divisional round and […]

'Her' (Spike Jonze, 2013) January 01

‘Her’ (Spike Jonze, 2013)

Caveat Spectatorus: there are a couple details revealed about the film that *may* be spoilers. But do come back later! There is so much to see. The near-future urban world of ‘Her’ has been exquisitely imagined: holographic video games, softly illuminated elevator panels, sleek intra-building walkways, clicking earbuds – and not a detail feels borrowed […]

Christmas Fire - Christmas Letters December 24

The Christmas Letters

I look up from the black and white laptop screen and the whole world is in color just like in the Wizard of Oz. It’s 10:30 at night and I’ll be writing for hours, but I don’t care because I’m ready now. Daddy’s home for Christmas.

Brad Fazekas December 13

Dr. Brad

For several years an old friend has posted Facebook aphorisms with the key words adorned in title case. Gratitude. Love. Look. Soulmate. Partner. Equinox. “I don’t believe I’m the “Healer”, but I DO believe I’m hear as Your Facilitator in Your Healing process.Dr.Brad” They were often punctuated incorrectly, spaces missed on the keys, double-entry on DrDr. They were […]

Christmas Tree December 09

The Little Christmas Tree in My Heart

Twas the night before Christmas and pouring with rain. We gathered the family in our car and headed out to the Christmas Tree dealership so we could pick out a tree we all agreed on, because that’s the family deal: everybody has to like the tree. If you don’t like it, the way you express […]

Sweat Hot Yoga November 15

Scenes from a Yoga Practice

There is a hot yoga studio hidden about a hundred yards from the door of my Fremont office building. The studio is located at the funky convergence of a tattoo parlor, a Burlington Northern train of garbage dumpsters, and, so help me God, a stray alley cat somebody fitted with a nose ring. If nobody has kicked into […]